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Who Am I?

Your Personal Travel Assistant

I'm Alycia Petrone, a quintessential, natural born traveler who has combined a love of seeing the world with a penchant for discovering what will make any trip outstanding. From a young age, I traveled with my parents throughout the Southeast, and soon after began traveling throughout the United States and world with my grandparents, visiting places like San Francisco, Hawaii and Europe.

I have a talent and passion for creating the perfect itinerary for any traveler, filled with the coolest places to stay, best neighborhoods, restaurants for every mood and taste, and all the not-to-miss experiences. 

A golden day is one with no regrets, my grandparents used to say, and it was during my time traveling with them that I learned what it means to have a golden day. I've taken that inspiration with me throughout my life and in my work as a vacation planner. The best part is I take the time to learn what will help you have a golden day, and I craft your vacation experience accordingly. 

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